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WeBet slot news: The Global Gaming Expo is rolling into Vegas, with its big draw being Madonna’s Game.  She signed a licensing agreement with Aristocrat Technologies for a slot game inspired by her songs.   Indeed, Hollywood and slot developers are both benefitting for the added exposure and revenue from one of the most popular casino games – slots.

In another news story, 12 casinos’ revenue from slot machines increased by 1.7% in September 2017, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.  Based on what they published on their website, it was a total of $195,396,966 up from $192,150,330 gross revenue generated last year in the same month.

We’re not talking about all news today, though, as we’d like to share other interesting facts and trivia about our favorite slot machines and online slots today.

WeBet Slots Games:  A   Few Interesting Slots Facts

Slot results are always random

All slot machines, online or offline, are governed by the random number generator.

The RNG is the one that generates the numbers randomly. In that manner, no one can predict the outcome of any spin.

It is why there is no strategy involved, such as card counting like in blackjack.  No one can influence the results and not even any algorithm.  The results are always random, period.  In that case, never believe someone saying that a machine is due for a big payout – it will never be true.

Did you know that return to player is different between online slots and land-based slot machines?

RTP is the theoretical payout percentage of a game machine – or the percentage of winnings being given to players out of the total stakes that are played.

Online, the RTP percentage is higher than in Vegas casinos or any other brick-and-mortar venues.

Experts reveal that RTP in physical casinos only averages 85%, while 96% in virtual casinos.

The reason explaining it is that machines require regular development and maintenance – something that gives you an idea on the cost of operating such machines. Thus, online operators are in a better position of implementing a much attractive RTP than brick-and-mortar casinos do.

Las Vegas is still home to the biggest number of slot machines in the world

Regarding slot machine density, no other city, state or country in the world can beat Las Vegas with more than 200,000 slot machines in The Strip. It translates to one slot machine per eight people.

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What’s the largest slot machine in the world?

It was the Big Bertha!  This massive machine was built and launched in the 1950s.  The size? It was 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide.

The cost of it if it would be made at this time is more than $1 million.

Due to its massive size, users even had a very hard time in pulling the lever to spin the reels.   That explains why a 5HP motor was used in powering it.

Other names of slot machines

  • Pokies or poker machines, New Zealand or Australian English
  • The slots, American and Canadian English
  • Slot, American English
  • Puggy, Scottish English

Liberty Bell – first slot machine, 1887

The machine was by Charles Fey that built it in the period of 1887-1891.   Later it was followed by the fruit machines, as we’re familiar now, online or offline.

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