Discover the Most Important Online Slots Rules and Play Better


WeBet slots: Players who have just started playing online slots must be familiar with certain online slots rules to get the most out of their session as well as avoid any frustrations later. Check out the following for a guide that will keep you on the right track.

How slots paylines work

  • A required number of the same slots symbols appearing on an activated payline will entitle you for a payout.
  • A payline can be a symbol from the 1st row in the 1st reel, or according to how the game is designed by its maker. Read the help or instructions section of your game to find out where the paylines are.
  • You can find the payout amount on the payout table. The paylines aren’t only on horizontal lines but also on zigzag patterns.

Bet max versus spin button

There are two ways on how to spin the reels.  One is the spin button usually at the right bottom of your screen, and clicking it will spin the reels. If you don’t want to play all the available paylines, use this option.

On the other hand is the bet max button, which activates all the paylines in the game up to the maximum number that the machine offers. You may want to use it if you want to use all the paylines for the spin.

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How to select online slots paylines

Choosing the paylines is important as it is when selecting a good slot online game.

  • Remember that classic games usually have one to five paylines. There are more of them to find on video slots, with numbers ranging from five to 100 paylines.
  • There are games that automatically activate the paylines. In other cases, the player is the one to choose which payline to play.
  • By clicking the button once, a player will activate the first payline, two for clicking it twice, and so on. The wisest choice WeBet slots online recommends is using all the available paylines. Remember that a winning combination will only be paid for an activated payline.


WeBet slots games: How credits/coins work

When playing slots online or offline, you will be asked to choose the number of coins to bet per line. It is one by default in many slot machines. On the other hand, there are slot machines offering players the option of betting to the upper limit.

To find out the total credits or coins you bet per spin, calculate the number of coins x number of paylines = total coins per spin.

From the range provided, you can choose the coin size.  You can then calculate the stakes you’re making per spin in credits (currency terms). Your total credits wagered will be the total number of coins wagered x coin size.

Hope you learned something from the slots rules presented here.  While they do not make for all the rules to know, these are the basics that a newbie must learn before trying real money online slots. Better yet, they must try playing free mode games to test the waters and select the best slot game for them.

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