What to Know about Australia Pokies


WeBet slots online: In Australia, pokies mean “a slot machine.” So if you’re playing slots in this country and you heard the locals talking about pokies, they basically mean  what you think it is if you’re in a slots bank, where to find a wide range of slot machines in a brick-and-mortar venue. Today, let us talk more about pokies, its origins and some other related facts.

Pokies in Australia

Many gaming machines in this country are called by the name pokies, which usually have video screens versus what you can see now as the actual spinning reels. They can be found in many clubs and pubs in this country as well.

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The beginnings of pokies

Australians use the word pokie to refer to a poker machine. But perhaps you’re wondering why they’re called such if they work in a similar fashion as video poker games and slot machines?

A theory says that one of the first games to find in Australian casinos were a poker machine, especially back in the 1900s. These machines, in other parts of the world, were known as the video poker machine.

But when slot machines became the next big thing in casinos; in fact, they were a staple in many Vegas and Macau casinos, pokies then started to mean slot machines in many venues.  So today, when you hear someone say, “Let us play pokies,” they want to play video poker or slot machines even in online casinos.

Pokies Facts in Australia

  • In 1956, poker machines were legalized in New South Wales; South Australia, 1992; Northern Territory, 1998; Queensland and Victoria, 1991; and Tasmania, 1997.
  • Did you know that Australians lost AUS$11 billion on these machines in hotels and clubs in 2013-2014? That is not all because another AUS$1.5 billion were spent and lost on poker machines in the casinos. The figures just revealed that about AUS$700 is spent per  person annually.
  • The country has the most number of poker machines per person versus any country with one machine per 114 people. The comparison does not include Monaco and Macau.
  • Australians also lose more money versus other nations when it comes to gambling due to their love affair with pokies. Did you know that they lost over US$1100 per capita versus less than US$600 in the US and New Zealand.
  • The machines are commonly found in the poorest suburbs in the country. For example, did you know that each adult in Fairfield lost at least AUS$2340 on the games, in the period of 2010-2011 alone?
  • 196, 900 is the total number of poker machines in the country. Many of them are in NSW, 95,012.

There you have what to know about Australian pokies and the Aussies’ love affair with them. By the next time that you visit an Australian casino online or offline, you know what pokies mean.  Enjoy!

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