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Lately, we’ve been receiving the question, what are the parts of a slot machine? WeBet slot articles aim at providing you with top guides and advice on how to play slots online better.  Today, we’d like to feature this topic in this entry.  Let’s discuss the parts or components of a slot machine.

What are slot machine parts?

The machine is composed of several parts for it to become operational. Some elements running the machine are the paylines, the reels and the display, to name a few. Apart from knowing what they’re called, let’s talk about the basic features of each component in the following.


It is the horizontal line you’ll find on the glass window of a slot machine.   You must be able to align directly behind the line so that you can win that spin.  In the past, there was only a single payline – in the center.    Today, it isn’t strange to find more than 10 paylines in one machine.


They’re important for a machine because they’re where to find the symbols, and they make these slot symbols spin.  The reels are what can make your heart race with hopes high that you will hit a winning combo in an activated payline.

Reels to find are usually three in many classic machines, but then there are machines with more of them, adding to the thrill and excitement of a game. Today, there are slot machines that have up to ten reels, and they’re often referred to as the Big Bertha machines.

Each reel has a stop or step, marking a spot where the wheel can stop after spinning.  It also has a symbol or several symbols, depending on the theme of the slot.  In some cases, there is no symbol at all – a blank space.

Today’s slot makers are more innovative, introducing more combinations. As a result, players have the chance of taking home bigger winnings than they could before.

Payout display

It’s the place where the winning combinations are shown, along with the amount of money paid out based on the bet placed.

Players can also find the special combos listed on the payout display.  They can also see if the machine that they’re playing is a progressive jackpot paying one or not. Now if it is a progressive jackpot slot, then the display will also show the winnable jackpot prize when hit.

Play buttons

Names vary from model to model, although functions stay the same.


It makes the reels spin, usually located on the left portion of a machine. In the past, the lever was used in mechanically setting the reels in motion. Today, the handle is only used for activating the software, activating and spinning the reels.

Coin tray

It’s the slot machine component where the coins are coming out, making it a favorite among players.  You can find it on the bottom of a machine, usually facing you.  If you won a combination, the coins will start coming out once you pressed the cash out button on the tray.

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While not all the slot machine components are covered in this WeBet slots article, it provides you with a quick idea on the most essential of them all to see in the slot machine.

Hope you picked up something from this post. What slot machine part did we miss here? Tell us in the comment section. Finally, share this post on Facebook today!

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