6 Benefits of Playing a Fruit Machine Online


What’s a fruit machine?  If you’ve just started gambling – and fruit machines are your target games while easing yourself up and improving your skills before graduating to high-skill casino games like poker, get to know how it works and what game features you’d meet along the way.

Fruit Machine Slots Online Basics

In most cases,  these machines pay out between 70-98% of the money it takes from players because the machines (land-based casinos) save up for a series of jackpots that make it pay much money in a short period of time.

It does not apply to all machines, though.  Game manufacturers have their unique ways to work around this potential outcome of paying a series of jackpots for lucky players. That is why it’s always on you to find out if the game you’re playing pays well and if you’re going to profit in that game.

But then, don’t be like other players that leave their money in the win bank for the thought that the fruit machine will keep paying out (and better) because it hasn’t issued a payout. What will happen instead is that it will just keep paying the bank until a player collected

You should also know that some games are built with skill stops, one is true skill and the other is pseudo skill.

The former simply means your actual hit is the payout you’ll get, while the latter means it will stop when it wants – something common if it offers nudges.

For example, a player always seems to get only one nudge when in fact he needed two nudges to win.

Additionally, know that many machines have high and low reels, but this feature isn’t related to how good your number is because what you’ll win will depend on the machine which should decide if it can pay you better or not.

Modern fruit slots also have a cancel button, which is used to show down random selections and skill stops. It also has the three holds, a feature that lets you hold your two-matching symbols three times with the third making the machine drop in for your chance to win but it does not work across machines.

Why Play Fruit Machine Slots Online

  1. Excitement: Online slot games offer the same level, if not higher, of thrill that you will get in land-based casinos.
  2. Convenience: Just imagine sitting back and relaxing while playing at the comforts of your home. You don’t have to deal with other casino players, no waiting time for a seat to become available and no need to travel to and from the venue.
  3. Easy signup: Just select which casino to join, fill up a form, deposit money into your account and call the customer support to activate your account. That’s so easy!  These are the general steps to subscribe in a web casino.
  4. Bonuses: Upon signing up in a fruit machine slots online casino and making a deposit, you have the chance to pad your bankroll with a welcome bonus or a matching bonus. For example, a matching bonus can match (and so the name) the amount of your initial deposit. [Compare several casinos online to find out which among them gives out the most lucrative bonuses with reasonable rules and wagering requirements].
  5. Rewards and freebies: Online casinos, just like their real world casino counterparts, also offer rewards and freebies, which may include but are not limited to free vouchers to salons or spas, complementary hotel accommodations and so on.  They also put up promotions from time to time, including slots tournament in which you could have the chance to play with other players and win a life-changing amount.
  6. A wide range of games available: Unlike in a land-based casino, where space is a premium, online casinos don’t have to deal with it for table and card games and fruit machines to fit. So without even saying, you will have tons and tons of choices on games to play in an online casino, which also updates their games for new games from top developers.

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, you’ll find playing a fruit machine fun (and potentially profitable). And by playing on the web, you can choose from more games, receive top bonuses, play from home and log into your account anytime, anywhere provided you’re online.  So if you’re all set, choose an online casino and play your favorite fruit slot game today!

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