Progressive Jackpots: Is a Progressive Slot for You?

Progressive jackpots are a top reason to visit the casinos or play online.  But if you’ve just heard about it, a progressive jackpot is offered at a progressive slot machine in which a certain percentage of what players wager is collected and gradually grows until a lucky player hits it.   The winning amount can be between five and seven figures and the chances to hit the winning combination, usually five symbols in a line, is for all the players in the state (or around the globe).

What to Know about Progressive Jackpot Slot

First of all, there are two types of jackpot in slots – one is a progressive jackpot, which isn’t fixed on a number of credits or certain amount and it increases as players bet on that game or a particular set of games (bank of machines in a land-based casino).   More often than not, the progressive jackpot is shared by affiliated casinos – a good example is the Mega Bucks machine in Las Vegas.

Should You Play It or Not

  • If you don’t want to stick with the potentially smaller jackpots offered by non-progressive machines but try your luck on big amounts of jackpot, then play the progressives.
  • If you want to score big at once and don’t care about extending your bankroll, then it might also be for you.
  • If you could afford playing max coins on every spin, you should play it! [You cannot qualify for the jackpot if you don’t bet max].

[NOTE: Know that progressive jackpots hit less often, so it’s not surprising that amounts could reach to millions of dollars. In fact, the Mega Bucks machine, let’s say, could have a base jackpot that could total to $10 million].

Progressive Jackpot Slot Strategies

So if you’ve decided that progressives are for you (and it’s worth playing), implement some useful strategies – tips and tricks – to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Look around and compare your options on the games that offer the most lucrative overall payouts, progressives and regular jackpots. If your goal is winning what is at stake, then you should play the machine that offers the biggest jackpot obviously.
  2. Activate all the paylines and bet max coins to qualify for the jackpot.
  3. Don’t play the double-up option (if offered) when playing in a bonus round with that option because it is more likely than not result to a loss. So instead of using the double-up feature, you might as well take your winning credits in that round and then just use it for a chance to hit the progressive jackpot.
  4. Set a budget for the progressive games – and use it only for these games. The entire point is to play as many times and increase your chances to hit the big jackpot.
  5. Don’t jeopardize your life – and your relationships for the hopes of hitting the progressive jackpots, meaning you should not be consumed by too much playing. Take a break once in a while. Don’t spend all your time playing slots or any game for that matter.

There you have a brief guide in getting started with a progressive jackpot slot. So again, if you don’t mind betting max and spending top dollar to hit the massive amount, then play progressive slot games. Finally, implement the tips and tricks in your games and improve your odds of winning. Who knows? You might be the next big progressive jackpot millionaire today!

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