Slots Game Themes: Here Are What You Probably Did Not Know About

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If you’re following WeBet slot articles, we’ve featured different slot games and themes in the past. And we all know, more choices mean better engagement in the games while having the chance to win real money in the process. Now if you’re looking for the most popular slot game themes, check out the following for an idea.

What are themed slots online?

Aside from the excellent graphics, video and sound effects, slots online also make use of a certain theme, such a Marvel superheroes, cartoon characters and movies, to name some.  They are called themed casino slots because they use a certain concept in the game.

How popular are themed slot games online?

Not only in Vegas and in other top casino destination in the world but also in internet casinos where to find these best themed slots games that make use of different concepts.  These games offer player with a diverse selection that keep them engaged and entertained in their slot sessions.

From time to time, new games are also introduced – making use of other themes, characters and elements that will add to the fun and excitement of players.

No doubt, themed slots online is popular for all types of players – beginners to advance.  And because they can access these games on mobile, too, more can have an immediate opportunity to play their slots online or via an app.

3D slots

Due to advancement in technology, innovations in the world of slots online are being introduced.   In the recent years, you have probably seen how these games created new player experience through three-dimensional effects. These games have better graphic effects than those launched in the past.

Movie slots

They are based on famous Hollywood movies and are available for free or real money play in online casinos.  These movie themed slots often feature the lead characters as main symbols or the important elements for the bonus features and free spins. A few popular titles under this themed slot are The Dark Knight, The Hangover and Tomb Raider.

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TV Themed online slots

TV shows are not spared from being a common theme for slots games on the web. Some of them already have their online slot version. A few examples include Sex and the City, The Price Is Right and X-Factor. There are so many of them that you won’t run out of choices.

Holiday themed slots

For example, special events like Christmas can have their slot version to celebrate the popular event. The symbols to find may include bells, Christmas trees, socks and poinsettia, to name some. These holiday themed slots may be released during the season.


WeBet slots online: Examples of themed slots

  • Coat of Arms
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • Incan Goddess
  • Hidden Riches
  • Mayan Queen
  • Goldbeard
  • Achilles
  • Caesar’s Empire
  • Boy King’s Treasure
  • Aztec’s Treasure

There you have what to know about themed online slots, which add to the fun and engagement element of these games available on mobile, desktop or tablet devices. Choose from a wide selection of themed slots online and enjoy!

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