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WeBet slots online:  iOS mobile casinos are one of the fastest-rising trends in the slots online world.  They provide players the chance to play their favorite themed slots, including movie slots, 3D slots and TV show slows on their iPhone and iPad.  They can wager on the games for real money for a chance of hitting a huge jackpot.

Apple and App Store: Mobile Casino Games

Apple devices and products have enjoyed a huge success worldwide. Through the years, these products have become a significant brand name, which users regard for convenience, innovation and excellence.

In the recent years, iOS users/gambler have made use of their Smartphone and tablet for playing their slots game online. They find these devices convenient and user-friendly to give them that satisfaction they’re looking for their games.

The iOS is a smooth operating system, which offers regular updates for users who want to install the latest version on their mobile device

The App Store, Apple’s download store for apps, has been around since 2008. It is able to keep up with its customers’ demand for apps, which they can download on their phones or tablets.

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For casino fans, they won’t also have to worry about downloading their mobile casino apps on the App Store. These are available free.

However, US-based users may not be able to take full advantage of the mobile casino apps on the store because of the online gambling laws and restrictions in the different states of the country.

Mobile Casino App Store Restrictions

While there are tons of iOS casino options to find on the App Store, not all can benefit from them.

For one, your ability to join in real money games will be based on where you are.

In China, for example, playing in land-based casinos is legal but betting on the internet is not allowed.

The App Store complies with the law, so you cannot play real money games on the mobile apps offered on the Apple store.

In addition, you can read on the guidelines page of the store that the apps, which offer real money skills games, including sports betting, lotteries and poker, should have a permission or license to operate in the country where players can download the app and play the game.

The App Store also requires app developers to offer free download casino apps.

As we can see  here at WeBet slots games, such condition reveal the reason that US-based players, let’s say, are not allowed to download those apps, and one is also due to the ban on wagering on these slots apps on  their devices.

So without even saying, gamblers who can really take advantage of the real money slot apps are those located in territories and countries where online gambling is allowed.

Pros of iOS casinos

  • Offer the same features as web-based versions
  • Immediate access to the games while on mobile
  • Dashboard access made available for checking games played, wins and losses, featured slot games
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Regular updates

Cons of iOS mobile casinos

  • Smaller screen
  • Requires software download
  • Limited bandwidth for Wi-Fi connections
  • Slower download for slower internet connection

What can you say about App store slots casinos? Have you tried downloading an app and playing on your iOS device?  Tell us about your experience. Want a featured topic next in WeBet slot articles? Comment below.

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